93 % of marketers say they’ve landed a new customer thanks to a video on social media.

Don’t be left behind. Leverage the power of video for your business.



Content is the king. Video is the most engaging type of content (64% of users are likely to buy a product after watching its video). Let’s talk about what you need and we’ll develop and deliver it for you.

Is it social media content? Educational videos, like an online course? Product reviews? Maybe you’re looking for some behind-the-scenes content. We can do it all and we add even a publishing strategy tailored for your company.

People love seeing behind-the-scenes and documentary content. It’s catered to those that already have some interest in your niche and this brings them closer. You can show them how your product is made, how many people does it involve, what issue are you tackling.

You can also show your company’s culture which can be one of the deciding factors for your potential employees. There are limitless possibilities of using documentary content for your business.

Okay, so you already have the creative part of filmmaking figured out, but you need somebody to carry the orders. You’re in the right place. Whatever you need, we can deliver. A castle? A tank? 40 kittens? Consider it done.

Are you just thinking about making some content? Maybe a commercial? But you don’t want to rush the decision. We get it. And we’re here for you. Let’s meet up and talk a bit about what you want, need, what do you expect and how to get there. Did we mention that the first consultation is for free? Oh yeah, it is.

And for the workshops: you might be an agency looking to expand your services into video production. We will teach you how to write a brief, what to look out for in tenders, how to pick the right production company for you. 

Full production & creative service

Amos Academy: Julius Cvesar course

We were approached by Amos Academy and tasked with making visually attractive, yet very insightful online course about barbering. We saw it as a challenge, especially because there is so many online courses on the internet, but 90% of them aren’t esthetically pleasing (exceptions being Masterclass & Skillshare). Judge for yourself if we managed to keep up with the best. 

Prague's footage & post-production

STRV: Lifestyle video

Originally the deal was to make a testimonial of one of STRV’s client, but after shooting some B-roll footage in Prague we got inspired and made a lifestyle video in our free time. STRV liked the video and they decided to include it into the deal. 

Full production & creative service

Startup Weekend Prague

Startup Weekend is a concept by Techstars that is about making a prototype during 54 intensive hours. We partnered up with Martin Andrle who runs SW Prague and started making videos for them. 

SWP is a non-profit event and therefore we worked with budget limitations, yet we managed to keep the level of our work untouched. We deliver a report from the event and interviews with participants, mentors and judges.

Full production & creative service

Titaniic: Crowdfunding video

Ondřej Vrkoč is a man with a big dream – building a new version of Titanic that would sail the seas of Carribean. In order to do that he and his partners decided to make a crowdfunding campaign to raise awareness about their project. 

They came to us asking for a funny video that would explain what they are going to build.

Directed by Jay Walker

It's all about the people

Filmmaking (and as well videomaking) is a team-work. We put a lot of time and effort into assembling the best team possible so we can deliver great results. We have a lot of friends you’ll see on the set but these guys you see below are the core team that will guide you all the way through!









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